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The possibility of new pipelines in the New York area brings with it the prospect of a cleaner and cheaper energy. However, there are many safety concerns related to the installation and methods in which the pipes would be installed.

New York's Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing

New York currently has set in place a ban on hydraulic fracturing which is a particular technique used in drilling methods. In this method, gasses are extracted from the ground by an injection of groundwater, sand and chemicals. These injections break rock apart. The new pipelines would use this method. To install the new pipeline, the ban would have to be lifted.

Pipeline Construction Risks

Although a new pipeline could benefit New York by supplying cleaner and cheaper energy, residents do have concerns about the matter. They worry about gas explosions and leaks, deconstruction of forestland and the likelihood of noise and air pollution. In some areas, the pipeline would destroy significant amounts of land and reduce water quality.

There are also concerns about the actual installation of the pipeline. When proper caution is not taken, explosions as well as fire damage can result. These situations could lead to injury or death for those working on installing the pipeline and raise a major cause for concern.

Employer Duty to Ensure Safe Conditions

While employees are at work they fall under the care of their employer. If something goes wrong on the job, the employee is not able to sue the employer, but is able to seek compensation through a workers' compensation claim. To file such a claim the worker must display an injury or illness and then connect that injury or illness to the workplace.

A clear example of a situation where workers' compensation is available is when a construction worker falls off of a high area and breaks his back. A less clear example is when a person suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This person may have developed the disorder from work, problems at home, or other tragic events in the person's past.

Employers are required to create a safe working environment to prevent injury and illness form occurring. They should ensure they provide safety equipment, minimize hazards and train employees well enough to understand correct procedures.

When an employee believes that an employer was negligent and that employee suffers an injury, they are able to use legal methods for compensation. Using an experienced personal injury lawyer as an asset helps the employee navigate the justice system and ensure they receive just and compensation.

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