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Construction work is an inherently demanding job. It is also inherently dangerous. Falls from dangerous heights continue to be the number one hazard in the construction industry and pose the greatest risk for potentially fatal construction accidents. Falls are also, however, easily preventable, and every employer should take necessary steps towards ensuring worker safety in this regard.

Statistics on Falling

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2010, more than 10,000 construction workers in the private industry were injured from falls. An unfortunate 255 workers were killed.

Serious Injury

Injury based on a construction site fall can be relatively minor, serious, severe or fatal. Employees that fall from areas close to ground may escape with several scratches or broken bones. Severe injury is more likely, however, as the worker operates higher off the ground. Paralyzation or even death can result, making falls a serious matter for concern.

Employer's Duties

Above all, an employer must protect employee safety. Safety is best achieved by purchasing the correct safety equipment, educating employees on correct procedures and planning ahead to ensure job safety. Many injuries an d fatalities can be prevented when the employer takes these measures seriously.

Unfortunately, not all employers follow these safety measures. Injuries are a harsh reality when employers cut corners and attempt to speed up efficiency without taking the proper care to ensure worker safety. When injured on the job, construction workers can turn to experienced personal injury lawyers who will help them hold their employers responsible. When a loved one is killed on the job, surviving family members may similarly seek assistance.

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